A hands on, high intensive retreat focused on personal development, community, and online marketing for women living a Agriculture, Western and Rural lifestyle!

Rural Rooted is a hands on, high intensive retreat focused on personal development, community, brand/business building and social media/online marketing for women in the Agriculture, Western & Rural Setting.

It is designed to give women all the tools they need to create a social presence and build a profitable brand/business that leads to professional success and personal fulfillment.


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March 17-20, 2022
April 6-9, 2022
June 8-11, 2022

2022 retreat dates


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Payment plans available.

A Hands oN, high intensive, 3 day in person retreat

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At Rural Rooted, Natalie and a team of 4+ hand picked coaches, will work with you non stop to align your goals/passions with a business/brand to achieve both professional success and personal fulfillment. Different than an online course or large conference, Rural Rooted puts the focus on you. Conversation is 2 way, individual questions are answered and a plan is tailored specifically to you. And the best part is because Rural Rooted is a niched down retreat focusing on women from the same lifestyle, background and community - you will not only walk away with a business blue-print but a sisterhood of like-minded entrepreneurs that will continue to be with you every step of the way long after the retreat is over.

Who can apply? Rural Rooted was created out of love and respect not just for a lifestyle & industry I love, but more importantly the women it’s comprised of. It’s for everyone that’s passionate about the Ag/Western/Rural lifestyle & trying to build an online presence and monetize social media in their own unique way.

support & sisterhood

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business blueprint
& action plan

Rural rooted has already paid for itself. There isn't a week that goes by where I don't actively use something I learned at the retreat. 

Amanda @grandviewbeef

Rural Rooted gave me a real concreate business education  + a mindset shift. Highly recommend making the leap & attending.

caroline @bigskycaroline

Rural Rooted was the best investment I ever made for myself and my business. Do it ! Do it for you! Do it for your family!

laura @woodpallettreasures

This is bar-none, the very best money I have invested in my business. 

becky @wildwestkidz

Learn from industry leaders
Build a community of like minded supporters
Brainstorm your business/brand
Grow personally and professionally

invest in yourself & your business/brand

A note from Natalie . . .

Hi there Friend,

I have been involved in the Agriculture community for all of my life. As a proud ranch daughter/wife/mom as well as rancher myself, I have a deep understanding and appreciation for the women who make up the HEART OF RURUAL AMERICA. The ones who have nurtured their families, farms/ranches & communities for centuries.

Over the last few years I have been on my own social media journey and along the way have met so many inspiring women in the Ag/Western/Rural community - ones who have important callings on their hearts to share their voice/product/story/passion but no one to help guide them on their way. Enter the Rural Rooted Retreat.

I vow to make very minute of Rural Rooted count. I will pour all of my knowledge into you and place every resource I have before you. I want you to leave feeling equipped, confident and excited. 

xoxo Nat

Create a clear plan for your business/brand? Set personal/professional goals and  the roadmap to accomplish them? Approach social media and online marketing with intent? Work hard and dig deep?

March 17-20, 2022
April 6-9, 2022
June 8-11, 2022

2022 retreat dates

Sooooooo now the question remains
are you ready to . . .

Let Natalie & her team HELp you!!!



lodging and travel NOT INCLUDED
Payment plans available.